Using SALTPIPE is super easy!

SALTPIPE can be used to cleanse the nasal passages of patients who suffer from allergic rhinitis (HAY FEVER) or sinusitis by placing SALTPIPE on one nostril and breathing normally. Swap regularly between nostrils.

Place SALTPIPE in your mouth

Inhale normally

Inhale normally and breath out through your nose

Ignore the salty taste

Don’t be bothered by a little salt taste in the beginning. It should disappear within a week of regular usage

You may cough slightly in the beginning

SALTPIPE may cause slight cough in the beginning due to its cleansing effect on the respiratory system but that should subside within a week also

Use SALTPIPE regularly

SALTPIPE should be used for max of 15 – 20 minutes per day
SALPTPIPE should be used for 4-5 minutes per time at least 3-4 times daily.

After usage for about a week you will notice that your breathing becomes easier and deeper.