For centuries, people have known the secret of natural EUROPEAN CAVE SALT and its ability to open and clean your nose and chest. They flock to these caves to experience the natural wonder of salt therapy. This assists them to breathe better and rid their respiratory system of the germs and pollutants that affect them.

You can now have access to this natural treatment and help yourself to avoid the side effects of everyday respiratory and allergy medications.


SALTPIPE was invented in Hungary. It uses the natural healing power of salt cave therapy in a handheld reusable device , the SALTPIPE. SALTPIPE is a dry salt inhaler incorporating two ceramic filters that contain 50-60 grams of selected Halite salt crystals. SALTPIPE comes with crystal salt inside the chamber which lasts up to 6 months with regular use.

Studies have shown that most of the common respiratory illness such as hay fever, blocked nose and sinusitis are exacerbated by air pollution. Allergies and respiratory diseases are on the increase in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

To maintain a good health related quality of life , we should reduce the impact pollutants have on our respiratory system.


SALTPIPE is a simple, easy and natural way to make a real difference to your health. SALTPIPE can provide you the benefits associated with ancient salt cave therapy to maintain an optimal respiratory function and help you to breathe easier, alleviate sneezing, coughing, shortness of breath and leave you feeling revitalized. Salt crystals have been used for decades in the treatment of respiratory disorders . SALTPIPE may help strengthen your immune system by cleansing the lungs allowing them to absorb more oxygen.

SALTPIPE is safe for the whole family and does not cause rebound congestion.

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